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This week is going to be very unpleasant... [23 Feb 2008|08:01pm]
[ mood | scared ]

 So, last week was great. I went on a cruise two months early this year because I'm going on a "senior trip" in April. Disneyworld, yay!  There's also Universal Studios, but I don't really wanna go on any roller coasters. My friend says he's gonna drag me on them, though, even though I warned him that will only get his ear drums popped and his appetite ruined by watching me throw up but he won't listen. I don't know if any of you guys have ever been to Coney Island, but after riding the Cyclone when I was 7 (I just barely passed the height requirement ;D) I lost all desire to ever ride a roller coaster ever again...

Anyway, back to the cruise. Possibly my favorite part was the "Karaoke Power Hour" they had almost every night. The first night, I sang Think of Me and they loved it. This year I really wanted to do the "Princess (the name of the cruise line) Pop Star" competition because it was 18+ and I couldn't do it last year. Unfortunately, my birthday is in March, so they almost didn't let me do it this year, either! In the end, though, they did. The way it works is that you sing in front of the passengers who come to listen, and when everyone is finished, the passengers vote for their favorite singers. They take two winners per night, so in the end they have six, and then those six sing in a "finale" on the last day (yesterday) and everyone who came to watch votes again, and the winner is decided. The guy who one sang this really nice song. When I listened to the original I found I actually preferred his version to the original. My favorite part of the whole experience is a tie between so many people telling me that I did "a great job" and the "green room interviews" they had all of us do, which consisted of us going behind the stage and having a funny little 40-second "interview with one of the crew members who I had a thing for ever since I saw him on the say of embarkation ;DDD. I also did karaoke at the teenager hang-out when they had it one evening. They barely had any songs that I could do, but they did have "You Raise Me Up", so I just sang that. Omg! I knew it switch keys in the middle, but I did NOT know it went up from Eb to Gb! Wow! I fumbled a bit 'cause I haven't practiced that song much, but they went ridiculously crazy! It was great XD.

But now I'm back, and really worried! Auditions for the talent show and musical are BOTH on Tuesday! Eek! I still have to pick a monologue for the musical, too! As for the talent show, I'm gonna audition with the Doll Song, and I have to do it acapella. I guess I'll only sing half of it, but I'm worried they won't like the fact that it's opera. Oy.

I need sleep. And I still have hw to finish up for Monday. @_@

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Where have I been? Eh heh heh heh heh... [04 Feb 2008|12:30am]
[ mood | amused ]

LazyLand, that's where XD;

Anyway, it's that time of year again when the musical auditions start. The play hasn't been announced yet, but I hear it's between Little Shop of Horrors (which I REALLY don't wanna do) and a tribute to Broadway, which I think would be AWESOME (depending on what we tribute, I suppose...). I'm gonna sing Poor Wandring One from Pirates of Penzance for it, and I'm pretty nervous. I need to fix up my Ab's. And I haven't even picked a monologue yet. Ugh, I can act when singing, but acting with words is so different. You have to think about the way you pronounce and emphasize things...gah! I wanna do this monologue from this play by Oscar Wilde, but I believe that will require and English accent and mine is frightful. Really.

I'm doing this compeititon in April and I'm doing the Doll Song and possibly Oh Luce Di Qu'est Anima for it. I'm really worried about the second piece...so many cadenzas @_@! One of the directors of the All-city chorus saw me reading my book and asked what I was singing, so I showed her the aria, and she asked me why I wasn't doing Mozart and Handel and the like. I've wondered about that myself... It's not like I'm doing Puccini or the Queen arias, but I've been wondering if I should be doing much easier stuff? I do trust my teacher, but still...

Anyway here's the Doll Song from my winter recital:
It's much better than the other one. Hopefully. 

Well. I'm gonna go finish my English homework and go to bef before insomnia kicks in. Again. Oy.

But first, a quote:
So, I finally got my mom to read the Harry Potter books. She's been whining about the 5th book the whole time she's been reading it, and today I caught her peeking in the back of the 6th book! Can you believe that?! Geez! I was doing my homework a couple hours ago and she was ranting to me, as usual...

Mom: Wtf! Harry forgot about the mirror Sirius gave him! Why?!
Me: *not listening*...what?
Me: Oh...plothole!
Mom: Yeah, butthole!
Me:...I said PLOTHOLE.
Mom: Ohhhhhhh.
Me: *DIES*

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Recital [17 Nov 2007|10:27pm]
My teacher referred me and another girl to an accompanist she knows that does concerts here and there. She had me sing the Doll Song and Mein Herr Marquis for her (while the other girl sang Think of Me and the Russian art song Nightingale) after which she brought up a small "concert" she was having for a Day Center in the Bronx in two weeks. I agreed, and that was today ;]!

Originally, there were supposed to be three other singers, but only one showed up. I forget her last name, but her first name was Danielle, and she was a professional opera singer. Judging by her voice and the type of arias she sang (Tatyana's Letter Song and Rusalka's Song to the Moon), she's probably a lyric soprano. She was incredible (which is to be expected, since she's a professional ;D)! But she was also older than me...she looked like she was in her late 20s.

Anyway, I sang the same pieces that I "auditioned" for her that time. I had my share of fudge-ups, but I think overall it's passable...

Please tell me what you think :]!
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Doll Song! [02 Nov 2007|06:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

So I did the recording about a week and a half ago, and it's finally done!  

I gotta say that the whole experience really left me disappointed with myself at first. When I got there, we decided to record my teacher accompaning me and me singing at the same time, which we re-did a bunch of times because either she messed up or I did. Needless to say, by the time we went in to pick and choose which piano parts to take to get the final track, I was all sung out. But after we put the piano together, we couldn't just take any singing, because it was all at different speeds! So I had to go in there and sing again, this time to recorded piano! I was so tired be then, it did not come out well... I really wasn't ready to record the song yet, but it was my teacher's idea, and it was the hardest (and therefore most impressive) piece I've learned so far. I think the end result is passable, but it's really not my best. So don't be too brutal! But I wanna know what you guys think ;D!

Go listen!

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Omg, an update? This year? Whoooaaa... [16 Oct 2007|04:18pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

So the All-City audition went really well. I was expecting there to be sight-reading and everyone to have a really difficult piece prepared, but it was nothing like that. Most people didn't have a piece, and if they did, they didn't have the sheet music, or it was nothing too hard. There was no sight-reading at all, but if we had a piece prepared we sang it, and then we did some scales so that they could see our range, and then they tested our intonation a bit. I was only a little nervous while waiting, but I couldn't help but get my usual stage fright when it was my turn. Luckily, it went really well. Especially the scales; they were pleasantly surprised that I could go all the way up to high E XDD.

After we all auditioned (I think they just accepted everyone...), we rehearsed some songs. We did a few Christmas-y songs (which was great, because I love Christmas-y songs :D), this poem by Robert Frost that someone decided would make a great song, this jazzy piece called Sway, and a Gospel song. It was really fun! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year :D. I've never been in a chorus before, so I'm looking forward to finding out if all those stereotypes are true!

In other news, the senior Masquerade is coming up! My grandma's making me my costume. So far, she's finished the skirt and is almost done with the shirt. Then, all we need is to make the corset and put some finishing touches on it. I don't know what I'm gonna do about my hair... It refuses to curl. I think I'm gonna have to go to a salon and get them to do it, but I'm worried that will really hurt it. Arg...

I'm planning to take loads of pictures and post them :D!

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I need to stop slacking off from updating... [12 Oct 2007|04:57pm]

I'm too lazy to write my usual mile-long recap of what's been happening lately, so I'll try to keep it short...

First of all, my school messed up and didn't give me chorus. Well, technically, they couldn't, because I had multi-variable calculus that period, and there's only one class of us. Ugh! What kind of moron schedules one-period classes at the same time? Geez! So I decided I'd do a chorus outside of school. I asked my (well, technically not mine <<;; ) chorus teacher if there was anything I could do, and he brought up All-City, which I'm auditioning for tomorrow! I sincerely hope they don't ask me to sight-read, because I so can't x_X!!

I found out the talent show is the 13th of February this year. I can't wait! Hopefully, I will have the Doll Song ready by then, and that's what I'll do :D! Although, I am a little worried about choking on the Eb6 at the end... I'd say"no one will notice," but I think the will if I scream it... But I wanna do it anyway, because I think, if it's choreographed right, it'll kill !
So we did our first dissection in Anatomy this week, and I am seriously starting to doubt by abilities as a future doctor. I keep hearing rumors about dissecting cadavers in medical school o_O;; If that's true, I don't know if I'll be able to get through it... Why would they make everyone do that? I don't even wanna be a surgeon! In fact, I chose radiology because it pays really well and you don't have to look at flesh wounds or any of that stuff. (In fact, all you have to do is diagnose X-rays, which sounds pretty safe for me.)

In other news, I've decided to apply to Oberlin's double-major thing, but that means that I have to audition for the Conservatory separately! Oh man, I don't think I can do it. You need to be so dedicated to becoming a musician and have been practicing for years...and I've only been taking lessons for a little over a year! I guess I'll do it just for the hell of it, but I'm worried about them looking at me like I'm an idiot. XD;;

The Early Action deadline is coming closer...I really don't wanna write my essays..I can't wait until this college crap is over! And I also need to make a recording to send in as a supplement to my application. I'm actually looking forward to that... Finally, a recording that I can be proud of! I'm so gonna make copies of it and hand them out to anyone who'll take them XDDD!!

Emmy's CD is out soon! I'm really looking forward to it. Speaking of Emmy, I was doing some research a few days ago and came across this 13-yr-old "opera singer" Aria Tesolin. I'm not oneto defame people, but what is up with these little girls coming out with CDs full of phenomenaly difficult arias to sing properly? I can understand when the arias are sung for practice when the singer is ready (this 11-yr-old Ekaterina Shelehova is quite good!), but this Aria girl is so not ready for the stuff she sings! Not to mention the fact that her voice is so wrong for Puccini, Verdi...and the majority of the other stuff on the CD. She has a nice voice, though...I think she'd be good in folk-ish stuff...like the stuff Celtic Woman does.

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I saw Phantom on Broadway! [30 Aug 2007|09:35pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

I've was meaning to get tickets to see Phantom (finally! XD) this summer, but I kept forgetting. Finally, I remembered to bug my mom to get them, but that was like two weeks ago, so she was concerned that she wouldn't be able to find tickets. What ended up happening is that she did get tickets...but they were all the way in the last row. XD;

I went anyway (with binoculars, ftw), and, unsurprisingly, it was AWESOME~ I thought I had Jennifer Hope Wills as Christine, but on the way out I noticed the sign on the door said Julie Hanson was playing Christine, so I'm not sure who I saw XD;. Well, whichever one she was, I like her as Christine. I really liked her Think of Me, though I thought her high notes were a little flat. On the whole, her timbre was somewhere between pleasant and annoying...sometimes I really liked her singing, other times it was a little annoying... It's hard to describe XD; The Phantom (Howard McGillin) was great! His falsetto was perfect and the way he held "night" at the end of "Music of the Night" was...wow :O! Oh! And Piangi (Roland Rusinek) was a really good operatic tenor! XD! I didn't really care for Raoul, but he was fine.

I expected to be bored during Point of No Return because the musical version is so tame compared to the movie version, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was pretty jaw-dropping as well. Though maybe because I was expecting it to be nothing of the sort...

Anyway, I loved it, just like I expected I would. Now that I've seen it, I'm happy to say that I think the movie is just as good. They're two separate things (thought the movie is basically the musical with a bunch of things chnaged XD; ) and I don't think she should be compared.

I just re-watching the movie today, in fact. I hadn't watched it in a while and it's wow-factor hit me again, full throttle XD. It's great...the musical's great... I don't see why people are complaining, really...;]

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[26 Aug 2007|09:09pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Damn, summer's almost over and I haven't made any money...

I was initially planning to get a job so that I could save up enough to pay my way through an extra singing lesson a week, but I couldn't find anything :[! Now I'm stuck trying to convince my mom to agree, but that's almost pointless. She's gone into "college-saving!mode" which means she's even worse about saving up that usual -.-;

My teacher told me that she knew (or was it heard of?) a girl who won a competition or something like that and got a scholarship to Columbia [aka where I want to go]. So I'm trying to use that for my advantage, but there's still thatt "what if you don't win?!" factor. Even if I don't win, it's only about $1560, ten times of which is not even enough to cover one year's tuition. So it's a win and lot/lose a little situation. :/

Speaking of singing, we're doing Mein Herr Marquis at the moment, and I totally don't get trills. We're not really focusing on them, so I've been trying to figure them out myself, but I've had very little luck. Hopefully they're one of those things that "come with time". Other than that, I have problems with placing the G5's and A5's and the D6 at the end. I just don't have enough energy to put all that "oomph" in it! I'm suppposed to crecendo and them go down to the the F5 that ends the aria (which always comes out funny D: ). But whenever I start it and them crecendo, it comes out without any of the "oomph" it's supposed to have :/.

In other news, I started the Doll Song, though it was completely random. I just mentioned to my teacher how sometimes I sing things that are too hard for me for practice (though I don't strain too hard) and I happened to have the sheet music for it on me so she said we'd try it. Since I've been "practicing" it for a while, it's not that bad...but that placement issue with the A5's comes up, of course. Then there's the Eb6 at the end x.X;;;

I'm actually looking forward to going back to school. I get to have chorus :D!!!! My friend's going, too. She didn't try out for Chamber, 'cause our teacher just said he has to voice test her. Last time she was in chorus, they put her in alto for some reason, but my teacher said before she was a soprano. Then again, she had a different (and worse) teacher then, so that was probably his fault.

Agh, I have to start my summer reading XD;. Technically, the assignment's not due until the 17th, but I really should start reading. The pair of books I picked is on adultry and suicide, so I thought it'd be interesting. But when I started, it was so boring I can understand why the genre is suicide...

Grr. Literature :P.


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The Harry Potter Book 7!Entry (FINALLY!) [24 Aug 2007|12:52am]
[ mood | awake ]

So I finished HP7 weeks ago...

While I’m on the topic of HP, I saw the 5th movie about a week after it came out…

Lately I've been reading   pottersues , which is pretty hilarious. Some of them are quite frightening, though…XD;;; Anyway, if you guys want a laugh, you should check it out.

Okay, that’s all for my ranting XDD.

Here's a Meme:

Oh, have you guys bought/listened to Emmy's EP? It came out a few weeks ago. I like the songs, but I really wish she'd gone into something the could have showcased her voice better. I liked the documentary. I thought it was cute XD.
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[08 Jul 2007|06:16pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

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Icon Post :D [30 Jun 2007|01:17am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


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Summer Concert [20 Jun 2007|04:19pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

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Omg...it's been like FOREVER! X_X [13 Jun 2007|03:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Sorry I haven't updated in SO long! But, I had about 0 time with junior year, and all! X_X!!

But, now that that's over, I'm gonna attempt to summarize everything that's happened in the past few months in one entry XD;

Okeh, that's it for today. See you later, guys :D!
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OMG! OMG!!! [27 Mar 2007|11:44pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I can't BELIEVE what happened today!

For the second part of rehearsal today, we were practicing the dance scene in the wedding when the Musical Director (a.k.a. our only chorus teacher) calls me up to the piano to tell me that he wants me to sing for the singer who also helps with the music part of the musical (but mostly works with only the leads). I couldn't really hear why over the yelling and counting and stomping, but he said something about me being advanced and asked if I took private lessons and etc! I had been meaning to ask if I could try out for the top chorus of our school (long shot, I know XD;) because they were going to hold try-outs very soon, and he asked me about my sight-reading and then said he'd give me an audition since I'd probably be able to pick it up quickly.

Then, when we went back to the chorus room, he called me up to sing then, but I didn't have my music with me, so I couldn't get very far (...why would I carry around the Phantom songbook with me? XD;;!). I told them I had it at home, and so I'm going to sing Wishing etc. Friday (since that's what I sang for the talent show).

Gah! I hope I don't freak out!

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Omg it's been too long ._.; [25 Mar 2007|07:07pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Gah, I haven't updated in forever.

I have soooo much stuff to say, but I'm gonna compress it.

First off, I don't think I mentioned that I got into the musical, but with a minor minor role ('willager", wtf). I decided to do it because my friend got in with the same (I bullied her into auditioning XD) and we thought it'd be fun.

Well, it's not.

We have to be there almost more often than the main characters, which is so wrong. And they put SO much effort into our crap and make us do it over and over and over and over and over... WTF. We're effing SCENERY. UGH. And in addition to that, the person in charge is soooooooooooo...disagreeable. She screams every other minute at us for not getting something right and then changes the blocking FOR THE 100000TH TIME. ARG. Heaven forbid you sit down for a minute or look like you're not fascinated with the boring crap they make you do. You'll go deaf with the screaming.

So, you're probably going to ask when I didn't quit a long time ago? Because the Musical Director is the Chorus teacher of our school, and I reaaaaaally want to go into chorus next near (already a stretch since I haven't been in chorus for the past 3 years...) and it will look bad if I quit. OTHERWISE I'D BE OUTTA THERE SO FAST, OMG.

Okay, moving on.

So the talent show was the 22nd and super-stressful since I really didn't practice with the music enough. In addition, I have a serious case of stage terror. No, it's not stage fright like I'm a little concerned, I'm completely mortified up there. Luckily, we had a rehearsal onstage with all of the lights and stuff the day before, so I got the chance to calm down a tiny bit and prepare myself. I mean, my legs were still shaking when I walked a little there and I didn't really have any control of my lower register, but I think it was passable. My grandmother made this gorgeous cloak for me that everyone complimented me on, and it was nice to walk around in the clothing I was wearing, but other than that it was a mostly terriftying experience.

On the upside, the chorus teacher, who knows me by face by now, complimented me on it, which felt great because I think I might actually have a chance to get into chorus and this torture will not have been for naught. Also, one of the best singers in our school complimented my voice and notices me now XD;;. Just yesterday she told me some interesting stuff about what happened backstage in the musical they did before I came to the school (she's a senior). They did "Tommy", which I would not have anticipated... Now it doesn't seem such a stretch for them to do Rent. But I want Phantom! Too bad both are still on Broadway (wait, I don't mean that XD;; ). WHAT is with that stupid law?! Ugh!

Anyway, that's it for now, except that I really feel I am improving in my singing. Maybe the compliments are messing with my head, but I actually feel like an authentic soprano now XD;.  

Tomorrow is my birthday. I don't wanna turn 17!! I wanna be 16 forever T_____T!

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[02 Mar 2007|10:01pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I feel a cold coming on. My throat is all scratchy. X_X

Today in my singing lessons we started Voices of Spring, and it isn't as scary as it looks... I might acutally be able to do it somewhat passably for the concert/recital/whatever it's called in June. O Mio Babbino Caro is getting better, too, except now the Ab's are kind of difficult because it's hard to keep them in the right place while not "holding them down".

Last week I saw Eugene Onegin, and now I have a newfound respect and love for Renee Fleming. Other than the fact that her voice is beautiful and her technique is superb, I can really feel how much emotion and heart she puts into the character, and that makes me like her even more. Plus, her Russian is passable. Ramon Vargas, on the other hand... Good tenor, but...his Russian...X_X!

That performance of the opera also introduced me to Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who's really awesome:

Here's a clip from (the end of) the actual perfomance:

[It's so good, it makes me cry every time T_T. TCHAIKOVSKY WINS (...won v_v) AT LIFE!]

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[07 Feb 2007|09:44pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

School Musical auditiong tomorrow.

This time, it's not the song I'm concerned about. It's the monologue. x.<;

Oh well.

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Grr! [03 Feb 2007|09:39pm]
[ mood | angry ]


I am so fed up with myself!

My teacher claims that I actually have a voice and that one day I should be able to sing that scary Queen of the Night aria, but I just can't believe her the way things are going!

I've finally figured out my precise problem: I'm scared. I actually scared to go for the higher notes in the songs/pieces/arias/whatever I'm doing. I mean, I'll get to the higher notes and think, ">.<; Maybe someone will hear me and hate my singing!" and I chicken out of it; I'll open my mouth but all that'll come out is basically a squeak. The most annoying thing is that I know that I can hit that note, but I just won't let myself!

I think maybe it's my perfectionist nature. I know it's ridiculous to expect myself to sound like Sumi Jo when I've had 5 months of lessons, but I think subconsciously I'm upset with myself for not sounding like a professional! It's so stupid, but I don't know how to get rid of it -.-;;

What to do? I can barely get out the Ab5's in O Mio Babbino Caro without scrambling my brain and my teacher wants my to sing some Strauss for the Summer concert. I only know one piece by Strauss for voice:

It was the last thing she played for me in her list of what she'd like to attempt with me. How am I going ever to sing that if I don't get over myself?


[/end rant]

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[28 Jan 2007|06:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So, you guys were right ;D!

The concert went relatively well. I was expecting everyone to be leagues ahead/better than me, but there where some small children who were very cute, but kind of belted a little XD; There were two girls who were younger than me and impressed me with their control and vibrato, but one of them was kind of a belter. =/

There was a young girl who sang two songs alone, one was Once Upon A December which did not go so well, IMO, because her voice is too high for it. The first song she sang was a quite difficult Russian song (called Nightinggale, I think...), and she really impressed me, though I don't think she did it as well as someone older would have. Still, she hit the high note at the end and everything, and I was pretty floored XD!

There was a girl or two who didn't really sing at all, or, well, she sang very "pop-y"... She sang "Part of Your World", but it sounded as if she was either new or nervous, because she didn't really use vibrato at all, and she did that pop thing where they cut off breath support on the higher notes completely.

The girl that sang Think of Me was younger than me, and I think she did alright.

As for myself, I was shaking with stage fight so badly and I was quieter and had less control over my voice, but the G5 went alright. My friend, who barely made it because she was coming from Long Island and the trains were super-late, said she liked the last note x). I was still shaking long after it was over, which made me realized I really need to get my nerves under control. Any tips, guys?

Oh, and our school spring musical is going to be Fiddler on the Roof. I can't say I really want to try out that badly, since I don't know much about the musical at all. What do you guys think? I have to prepare a monologue, too...arg...

Anyways, I want to thank all you guys for all the support you gave me when I was feeling unsure of myself. It really helped ;)! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!

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Oy... [27 Jan 2007|12:28am]
[ mood | intimidated ]

French!Part of Your World @ putfile.

I'm not too proud of it at all =/

Anyway, my concert is tomorrow ._.;

I'm singing I Could Have Danced All Night and I'm totally not feeling excited about it... In fact, I'm kind of worried. It's hard to catch my breath because there's a dancing part, and there's a G5 at the end which I haven't quite mastered...
And on top of all that, the girl going after me is singing Think of Me. That's really unsettling for me 'cause she not only has a higher note but a cadenza as well, and I can't even get the G5 -.-;. Also, I've always wanted to be able to sing that song well, and here I am not able to sing an easier song anywhere near parfectly...

Well, on the bright side, I sang E6 today for at least 5 sec. It wasn't like a "real" E6, but I did hold it. XD;;

I hope I don't completely bomb tomorrow ._.;;

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